Housing Authority

Housing Authority Commissioners  Term Date
Mishie Daknis December 2021
Barry Friedrichs  
Sheri Lenz  
Bob Novascone  December 2021
Ashley Macdonald December 2024


The Wellington Housing Authority provides housing for eligible low-income individuals and families, through a contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Wellington Housing Authority contracts with the Housing Catalyst to manage the 28 family units and 14 senior units located to Wellington.

The senior units and a family complex are located at 3914 Roosevelt and the remaining family units are located throughout town. For information regarding the Wellington Housing Authority, please call 970-416-2910.

Board Meetings

Wellington Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Meetings Board meetings are held quarterly.

6:00 pm
3914 Roosevelt, Wellington

*There are currently no vacancies available at the WHA properties and the waiting list is closed at this time.*