Board of Directors


  • 7 p.m.
  • 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • Kinzli's Re/Max
    4006 Cleveland Ave.
    Wellington, CO 80549
Board of Directors
  • Brian Graves, President. & Promotions Chair
  • Anita Hardy, Vice President
  • Dave Moody, Treasurer
  • Walter Lamie, Secretary
  • Curtis Smelker
  • Lou Kinzli
  • Sandra Wolf
  • Vincent Gentry
  • Travis Harless,Town Trustee Rep
  • Karin Chapman
  • Tracey Jensen


Per the DCI report recommendations, the Wellington Colorado Main Streets Program (WCMSP) consists of a governing board and standing committees as the fundamental structure for this volunteer-driven program. In discussions with town management and the local chamber of commerce, it was recommended that the WCMSP be organized as a stand-alone non-profit corporation to provide maximum flexibility and freedom of action. To that extent, the WCMSP has been incorporated in the State of Colorado as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with a set of by-laws describing its methods of operation. It is run by an elected board of directors and a set of officers chosen from that board.