Committees & Projects

There are many active and proposed projects for Wellington Colorado Main Street Program (WCMSP). Most of these projects/programs are taken from the Wellington Community Assessment completed in February 2014 by DCI.

Project Committees

The WCMSP focuses on these projects by delegating to our 4 committees:
  • Economic Restructuring
  • Design
  • Organization
  • Promotion

Current Projects

All of the following projects are currently underway or in our 3 - 5 year plan in partnership with Wellington Town government, Wellington Area Chamber, local businesses, and others. The current project goals are as follows:
  1. Improve safety at intersections and crosswalks with updated signage and structures.
  2. Improve downtown streetscape, beautification, entry and destination signage.
  3. New brochures, website, and grants for business improvements for Economic Development.
  4. Develop off street parking on Cleveland Avenue using vacant downtown lots.
  5. Improve, expand, and redesign downtown Centennial Park. 
  6. Research mural paintings on selected downtown buildings.
  7. Seek funding to repair and expand sidewalks, lights, benches, trees, and plants for all of Cleveland Avenue between 1st and 6th. 
  8. Partner with the Chamber, Town, and others on economic development, marketing and promotions.
  9. Plan and implement new special events in downtown.
  10. Seek funding and partners for Historic Preservation survey, inventory, and building renovations.
  11. Work with CDOT and the Town to correct drainage problems on Cleveland Avenue.
  12. Grants for Downtown Business Improvements

Design Committee Announcements

Design Committee Chair-person is Karin Chapman . The committee is working on some great ideas and projects and welcomes member and public suggestions. Future meetings will be at 8:30 a.m. on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at the Main Street Office @ 4006 Cleveland Ave.