What other options will the town pursue to handle the water issues?

The Town of Wellington has a Municipal Water Efficiency Plan in place as of 2018 and the Town has had on-going Water Efficiency Activities since 2013. These activities include automatic meter reading installation and operations, a leak detection and repair program, weekly and time of day outdoor water restrictions, and several other plans. If you are interested in reading the full Water Efficiency Plan, please click here

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1. Are we raising rates paid by new development?
2. Is the Town doing anything to slow down growth?
3. Has the cost of our water gone up?
4. Does Wellington’s water meet Water Quality Standards?
5. How do Wellington’s utility rates compare to other communities?
6. Why is there a tier structure and what does it cost?
7. Why did the base rate increase?
8. When was the last time rates were increased?
9. What is the Town doing with the bulk dispensing water machine?
10. What is the average water usage per household in Wellington?
11. What other options will the town pursue to handle the water issues?
12. What water fees and rates are charged for new construction homes? How do new construction fees help pay for water infrastructure?
13. Have you considered incentives for xeriscaping current homes and restrictions on landscaping with new builds?
14. Have you considered conducting a long-term plan that reflects our values and needs for growth and community life?
15. What kind of impact will the new high school/middle school have on the water issue?
16. Will we be charged for 7,000 gallons regardless of how much water we use?
17. Are there other options such as joining another water district or starting our own?
18. What is the timeline for the water rates decision?
19. How is the Town engaging residents to provide input on the proposed water rates?
20. When is the water plant being built?
21. Why is it so expensive and why are there restrictions when other communities are not having the same problems?
22. Where do we get our water from?
23. Can we remove grass lawns to save water?
24. Where can we find an explanation of why rates are being increased?
25. Why aren’t developers charged more to develop in Wellington?
26. Why does my water occasionally have a bad taste or smell?
27. Where can I find Water Quality Reports?
28. Is there a breakdown of my water bill?
29. I need help paying my water bill, who should I contact?
30. What is the different between Water and Wastewater?