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Bid Title: Town of Wellington Request for Proposals Water Efficiency Plan
Category: Public Works
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Town of Wellington
Request for Proposals

Water Efficiency Plan


The Town of Wellington (Town) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to prepare the Town’s Water Efficiency Plan (WEF) in compliance with Colorado Water Conservation Board’s (CWCB) Water Efficiency Plan Guidelines.

Proposal Deadline and Contents

Proposal packages are to be submitted to the Town on or before 4:00pm on January 19, 2018.  Proposals received after the deadline will not be accepted.  It is the proposer’s responsibility to ensure that the proposal package is delivered in timely manner.  Proposal packets are to be submitted to:

Ed Cannon, Town Administrator

Town of Wellington
3735 Cleveland Ave,  PO Box 127
Wellington, CO 80549


All responses must be completed as required, signed by an officer of the firm who is authorized to enter into a binding agreement with the Town on behalf of the company, and must be received in the place and time designated above. 

Proposals are to be submitted in separate sealed envelopes clearly marked with the consultant’s name, address and telephone number, and email address.  Each envelope shall be clearly identified as the “2018 WEF Plan Proposal”. Proposals shall be concise, well-organized and demonstrate the consultant’s qualifications and experience relating to the WEF plan and process.  Six hard copies and one electronic copy shall be submitted.

The Town anticipates submitting a grant application to CWCB, upon successful selection of qualified consultant.  The proposal should comply with requirements of CWCB to allow for ease in completion of grant application by the Town.

At a minimum, proposals shall include the following information:

  1. Cover Letter
    1. Include consultants legal name, address, telephone number, email address and contact person for the selection process.
    2. Qualifying statements or comments regarding the consultant’s proposal, including proof of consultant’s capabilities to meet the Guidelines as set forth by CWCB.

  2. Statement of Qualifications
    1. Brief description of consultant’s firm, including the year firm was established, type of organization, and listing of proposed project personnel.  Include personnel experiences and resumes for prime consultants and any potential sub-consultants.  Emphasis shall be given to highlighting previous WEF plans completed and comparable to the Town.
    2. Consultant and sub-consultant experience with preparation of an WEF Plan, including names and current telephone numbers and emails addresses of references for existing and past municipal and water district clients.

  3. Project Understanding and Approach
    1. Description of consultant’s understanding of Scope of Services and how consultant will approach work.
    2. Proposed staffing plan, indicating anticipated hours per week by classification. 
    3. Additional information that will assist Town in selecting the most qualified consultant.
    4. A preliminary project schedule that includes adoption of the approved WEF. 

  4. Cost Proposal
    1. The consultant shall submit a detailed cost proposal in compliance with requirements of CWCB WEF Grant for all services anticipated in completing the WEF Plan.  This should include the classification and hourly rate of all employees who would be assigned to the contract. 
    2. NOTE:  Cost Proposal and Schedule to be completed in accordance with requirements of CWCB’s grant application guidelines.


Scope of Services

The Scope of Services will be in compliance with Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Water Efficiency Plan and Grant requirements, utilizing the attached Water Efficiency Plan Model Template.  In addition, the Scope of Services shall include the following tasks:


Task 1 – Kick off Meeting/Work Sessions

The consultant shall attend a kick off meeting with Town staff to discuss project details, scheduling and other relevant information regarding services required to develop the 2018 WEF.  An overall project schedule shall be reviewed, revised and updated by the consultant. 

The consultant shall identify the number of work sessions needed to complete the WEF plan, not to exceed one per month during the project time. 

Task 2– Adoption, Public Review and Approval

The consultant shall present the Final Draft WEF plan to the Town Board and public at a Public Meeting, after which a public comment period will commence.  The consultant will receive and address public comments in the revised plan. 

The consultant will coordinate with the Town and CWCB for final approval and make adjustments to the plan as necessary and required. 

Task 3 – Town Board Presentations

The consultant shall present to Town Board the draft plan, public review meeting and for final approval.  The consultant shall coordinate with the Town Administrator for public review and will present during a Town Board meeting for public comment. 

Task 4 – Progress Reports (50% and 75%)

The consultant, in cooperation with the Town, shall complete the required Progress Reports for submission to CWCB.  The Town shall submit the progress reports. 

Task 5 – Deliverables

The consultant shall provide the Town the following as part of this project.

  1. Draft WEF Plan
    1. One electronic copy and six (6) hard copies 
  2. Final WEF Plan
    1. One electronic copy and 10 (ten) printed hard copies of final adopted plan


Anticipated Schedule

Milestone                                            Date

RFP Issued                                   January 2, 2018
Deadline for Inquiries                         January 16, 2018
Deadline for Proposal Submittal         January 19, 2018
Award of Contract (tentative)            February 13, 2018
Grant Application                               March 9, 2018
Notice to Proceed (tentative)              April 20, 2018


Evaluation Procedure

The Town Manager and Town Board will evaluate each proposal for completeness and content.  Each proposal will be evaluated based on the relevant qualifications and experience of the consultant.  The proposal review till focus on the following criteria.  The Town reserves the right to award contract to the consultant Town deems to be in the best interest of the Town.


A. Organization (30 points) Does the firm offer the depth and quality of services required for the services listed in the Scope of Services?  Does the firm’s organizational structure show sufficient capacity for this project?

B. Experience (30 points) The firm’s expertise and professional qualifications with similar work.  Qualifications of the firm and individuals assigned to perform the work.

C. Project Approach (25 points) The firm’s proposal adequately demonstrates an understanding and experience in preparing WEF plans which is documented in this proposal.  In addition, the consultant has experience in conducting data analysis and can show the success of the previous WEF plans completed for other municipalities or water districts. 

D. Cost Proposal/Schedule (15 points) The thoroughness of the project schedule and firm’s ability to complete the project within the selected timeframe.  The completeness and competitive rates of the firm’s budget to comply with CWCB’s grant application requirements. 




Insurance Requirements

The successful consultant shall secure all insurance required under the Professional Services Agreement, and provide any necessary documentation to the Town within ten (10) days after consultant receives Notice of Award.


1)      Municipal Water Efficiency Plan Guidance Document

2)      Water Efficiency Grant Fund Schedule and Budget Template

**For a printable version of the 
Town of Wellington Request for Proposals Water Efficiency Plan click here.

Publication Date/Time:
1/2/2018 3:35 PM
Closing Date/Time:
1/19/2018 4:00 PM

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