Park Irrigation

The Parks and Recreation Department maintains 80 acres of parks and open spaces throughout the Town of Wellington. Green spaces in the Town of Wellington are predominately watered with non-potable water - water that is not treated for consumption. While non-potable systems are not included in the mandatory outdoor watering restrictions, we are committed to valuing our water – the Wellington way. Regular irrigation of parks will take place in compliance with watering restrictions after 7 p.m. and before 8 a.m. up to twice a week. 

But what is happening if I see water running outside of the permitted hours? Great Question! Maintaining a system with miles of irrigation piping and hundreds of valves and sprinkler heads requires upkeep and repairs. This could include repairing broken sprinklers, valves, and piping. We also optimize system performance by making intentional adjustments to sprinklers and controllers. Repairs are made and tested during the day to maximize system efficiency and to ensure water is used only when necessary. 

When maintenance is occurring, look for signage posted around the area. Check this page fro weekly recaps on irrigation maintenance that has occurred. Finally, if you have a concern we want to hear from you– tell the Town by reporting online. Thank you for your continued support of Wellington Parks and Recreation!

Irrigation Maintenance  

Irrigation systems that are on (following watering restrictions) 

  • Centennial Park
  • Viewpointe Park 
  • Park Meadows 
  • Harvest Village Green Space and Park 
  • Winnick Park
  • 3rd Street, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush
  • 6th Street
  • Sunrise Park
  • Wellville Park - We have filled our ponds, and irrigation is scheduled to start Jun. 15. 

Irrigation systems experiencing repair: 

  • Library Park – Water supply pump problem - waiting on delivery of the needed part.  
  • Knolls Linear Park – Line break in the area maintenance in progress. 
  • Wellington Community Park – Several maintenance requests in progress; including, including repairing a broken pump and repairing the ability to automatically water as scheduled. To comply with watering restrictions, staff are coming in to turn on sprinklers at night manually. All replacement sprinklers for the ball fields have been ordered. Heads that need to water more effectively will be replaced.