Is the Town doing anything to slow down growth?

Yes, the number of building permits have been limited.

  • Town staff are actively working with developers and builders to manage growth in a responsible manner.  The existing treatment capacity limitations at the water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant create limitations on the number of new residential permits that can be issued over the next few years until the plant expansion projects are complete.   
  • It is estimated that the current treatment facilities would allow on average approximately 100 building permits per year over the next 3 years (approximately 3% growth rate).  One year may have slightly more than 100 and another year may have slightly less than 100.  Town staff continues to monitor the capacities of the treatment facilities and will update the number of permits allowed based on available capacity. 
  • Managing growth during this period until the treatment facilities are complete is critical to community’s ability to provide water and wastewater services for residents and businesses while also allowing a moderate amount of growth to allow some revenues from new development.   Revenues and impact fees from new development permits (application fees, development review fees, building use tax, and impact fees are all collected at the time of building permit) helps shift some of the cost burden from existing residents. 

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