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Request for a Fire Station or Engine Tour

  1. Please fill out this form when Requesting a Station Tour or Fire Engine Visit. Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance. Someone will be in contact with you to within 24-48 business hours to finalize your request.

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  3. Disclaimer

    For community events, we will do our best to provide fire engine tours for up to an hour. However, the fire engine will remain in service and may have to leave on an emergency call. Please understand that crews will do their best to be on time to your event and stay as long as they can. However, emergency response is our first priority. We are happy to host your group for tour of our fire station. However, in the event that the crew must leave for an emergency call, your visit may be cut short or have to be rescheduled. For this reason, we do not host birthday parties at our fire stations. However, we would be happy to tour your group through the station as part of your birthday itinerary. If your tour of visit needs to be rescheduled someone will be in contact you the following business day.

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