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Category: Planning
Status: Closed






Sealed proposals, including five (5) paper copies and one (1) digital copy in PDF format on USB drive, will be received by the Town of Wellington until 3 PM MST on December 22, 2020. Other key dates and times are indicated below. Proposals received after the closing date and time will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender unopened.  Proposals shall be received in a sealed envelope marked, “Wellington Landscape and Irrigation Standards” and delivered to the following address:

Wellington Town Hall

ATTN: Liz Young Winne, Town Planner

3735 Cleveland Avenue

PO Box 127

Wellington, Colorado, 80549


Request for Proposal Announcement – November 25, 2020

Pre-Proposal Meeting - none

Questions/Inquiries Closed – December 10, 2020

Last Addenda Issued - December 15, 2020

Proposal Deadline – December 22, 2020

Interviews – if needed, via web conference

Anticipated Contract Negotiations - January 14, 2021

Anticipated Notice to Proceed – January 29, 2021


The Town of Wellington (Town) seeks to retain professional assistance in preparing an update to appropriate sections of the Town’s Land Use Code pertaining to landscaping and irrigation. The Town is seeking professional services to prepare landscape and irrigation standards that help achieve the Town’s water conservation goals as identified in the Water Efficiency Plan (2018). The new standards must create a balance of rigidity that promotes outdoor water conservation practices by requiring appropriate attractive landscaping but allowing creativity and flexibility for unique circumstances. The rewrite should incorporate any necessary details from the Town’s various planning documents, including the Comprehensive Plan, the Parks and Trails Master Plan, the Water Efficiency Plan, and master planning efforts for water, wastewater, and stormwater that are expected to be in progress.

The selected Consultant is to provide all the necessary labor, equipment and supplies required for satisfactory completion of the work. It is expected that the landscaping ordinance update and Consultant will work in tandem with the current land use code updates and Consultant when necessary. The Consultant may propose a timeline and tasks for preparation of the text and any supporting materials; however, work is expected to be completed by April 2021 for immediate adoption and implementation in May 2021. 


The Town of Wellington is a small stable community located on the Interstate 25 corridor in northern Colorado. The Town has historically been a bedroom community to Fort Collins with some recent light industrial and service developments occurring in the last decade. The Town has experienced significant growth in population and is currently estimated to be approximately 11,150 people. High growth trends are expected to continue as development pressures are applied to the State, Larimer County, and surrounding communities. 

New developments are currently under construction, and there are additional plans for future annexations to expand the Town’s boundaries. The increased development and planning activity in the area have made it necessary to review the impacts of Town growth on public infrastructure systems. The Town’s Land Use Code, and specifically, the existing landscaping and irrigation standards, do not adequately address limitations on water supply and availability. The update to the landscape and irrigation standards must reflect the desire of the community to conserve limited water resources, while creating and sustaining attractive outdoor environments for all land uses. 

Project Objective

The Town of Wellington is proposing to update landscape and irrigation standards as a goal identified in the Water Efficiency Plan (2018). The Water Efficiency Plan identified several high priority activities including implementation of advanced metering infrastructure, assessing raw water rates, and changing fee structures. Given the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code updates currently underway, the timing is appropriate to update the landscape design ordinance and relevant sections.

Using best practices from Northern Colorado and the greater region, the updated language must include the following elements:

  • Implement landscaping and irrigation standards that promote water efficiency using native, xeric, and heat-resistant plants.
  • Include modernized irrigation best practices that support low water/high heat plant establishment, maintenance, and sustainability.
  • Create processes for site plans that exemplify steps that are well-vetted, easy to understand and follow, and easy to administer.
  • Identify appropriate land use category differences reflected in requirements and standards that adequately align with intent, activity, and use of space.
  • Identify avenues for staff to allow flexibility in processes when needed and enable decision makers to enact time of day restrictions, and other conservation activities necessary during drought.
  • Establish and outline triggers that identify under what circumstances development or redevelopment are required to bring existing landscaping into compliance with new standards and must outline a process for those situations. The expectation is that changes are justified by using local and regional best practices.
  • Identify requirements for maintaining the landscape and irrigation system once installed.
  • Establish systems for enforcing landscape and irrigation standard requirements.

Scope of Services

The Consultant's scope of work shall consist of the following general tasks. The Consultant may propose alterations to the scope of work with additions, deletions, or modifications as desired to highlight the Consultant’s approach to this project. Each proposal should include the Consultant's detailed scope of work, including but not limited to:

  • Initial information request with Town staff to discuss and determine parameters and objectives.
  • Bi-weekly progress meetings with Town staff (may be phone/video conference).
  • Build upon recently conducted internal research and compiled resources from external programs like Growing Water Smart.
  • Build upon recently conducted community engagement from Comprehensive Plan process to understand the community’s needs and wants.
  • Organize, advertise, and provide graphics and other materials for any stakeholder meetings, Planning Commission, and Town Board meetings.
    • Identify, plan and schedule meetings with:
      • Stakeholder meetings with special interest groups and individuals such as landscape professionals, developers, HOAs, and residents (as needed).
      • Planning Commission meetings/workshops (minimum of 2 meetings required).
      • Town Board meetings to present draft and final text (minimum of 2 meetings required).
  • Collaborate, as necessary, with other external partners during process.
  • Review existing landscaping and irrigation requirements and make updates to the landscaping and irrigation standards to achieve the goals of the Town to conserve water and create attractive, sustainable landscapes for all land uses.
    • Identify outdated, contradictory, or duplicative standards and make revisions.
    • Provide new standards for landscaping and irrigation to be adopted into the Land Use Code that identifies the process for new development, the process and compliance triggers for redevelopment, and appropriate standards that may vary by land use or activity.
    • Provide design and construction standards such as a comprehensive plant list, installation details, soil amendment and mulch specifications, irrigation system installation requirements, and other information to provide clear direction to landscape and irrigation designers and contractors.
    • Provide standards for construction and installation inspection or audit procedures, warranty timeframes, maintenance requirements, and other considerations to ensure adequate establishment and long-term landscape health.
  • Identify and define metrics (or measurements) for determining success that is tied to implementation of standards.
  • Provide a Drought Plan as a water conservation strategy that identifies water restriction guidelines (including but not limited to Time-of-Day, even/odd watering days, restrictions on new landscape installations, or other identified strategies) to be enacted in periods of short water supply, high heat, or other drought conditions.
  • Print and submit five (5) copies of final document, including maps and graphics, and provide the document in digital format.
  • Provide PDFs and original source files of all final documents.

Project Budget and Timeline

The Town has funds for completion of the project to be paid by the Town.  The Town anticipates a project timeline of approximately 5 months. The timeframe will include some stakeholder engagement and landscape and irrigation standards update. Final presentations to the Planning Commission and Board of Trustees, including final adoption of the landscape and irrigation standards are expected to occur within the timeframe. Adoption of the standards may be extended beyond the 5-month timeline based upon resource availability or other unforeseen events or activities.

Inquires and Addenda

The Town will not be holding a formal pre-proposal meeting. However, project related questions may be presented up to December 10, 2020, and may be submitted by email, phone, or in person to the following Town staff:

Liz Young Winne, Town Planner

Town of Wellington

3735 Cleveland Ave.

PO Box 127

Wellington, Colorado 80549

970-415-3328 (office)

Any addenda issued to this RFP will be distributed to all RFP holders. No addenda to this RFP will be issued by the Town after December 15, 2020.

Information for Proposers

Proposal Format

Proposals should contain the following information in the general order listed:

  • An introductory cover letter.
  • A qualification statement of the Consultant and the staff to be assigned to the project.  Clearly identify the key personnel providing the work effort for the project.  Resumes of each project team member shall be included in the proposal appendix.
  • A narrative describing the Consultant’s understanding and approach to the project’s objectives.
  • A work plan for accomplishing the project, including descriptions of the tasks to be performed and a summary of the deliverables to be provided to the Town.
  • A proposed schedule for completing the required tasks.
  • Indicate any special services to be provided by a sub-consultant or resources outside the Consultant.
  • A fee proposal that includes total project costs and a breakdown of costs by task.  Include a corporate fee schedule that indicates the hourly rates charged for individuals identified on the project team and fees for reimbursable expenses.
  • Information about other work performed by the Consultant on similar projects and at least three (3) references from clients with whom the Consultant has performed similar services.

Opening of Proposals

Receipt and registration of proposals will be conducted by the Planning Department.  Proposals will be opened shortly after the closing date and time.

Responses to the RFP and modifications or corrections to proposals that are received after the closing date and time will be considered late, will not be accepted, and will be returned to the sender.

Evaluation of Proposals

Proposals will be evaluated on a combination of criteria that may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Experience, qualifications, and technical capability of Consultant and proposed staff.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the project and scope of work, project approach, and methodology.
  • Schedule and plan for managing and delivering the desired project.
  • Demonstration of relevant project experience and references.
  • Cost of service and billing rates.
  • Any pending or current claims or legal actions against the Consultant.

The Town is not required to take the lowest priced proposal. The Town reserves the right to evaluate the proposals in the manner deemed to be in the best interest of the Town. After evaluation of proposals, the Town may either award a contract or resolicit the RFP to obtain additional proposals.

Selection of the Consultant will be made by a selection committee.  Interviews with Consultants may be scheduled if deemed necessary.

Rejection of Submissions

The Town reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive irregularities in the proposals received, and accept any portion of any proposal if deemed in the best interest of the Town.  Non-acceptance of a proposal will mean that one or more of the other proposals were deemed more advantageous to the Town or that all proposals were rejected. The Consultants whose proposal were not accepted will be notified after a binding contractual agreement between the Town and the selected Consultant is executed, or when the Town rejects all proposals.

Proposal Validity Time

Proposals may not be withdrawn and shall remain valid for a period of not less than forty-five (45) calendar days from closing date and time.

Incurring costs

The Town will not be liable for any cost which the Consultant may incur in the preparation of proposals.

Proprietary Information

Consultants may mark any specific information contained in their proposal that they wish considered as proprietary and not to be disclosed to the public.  All proposals submitted become the property of the Town and will not be returned.

Formation of Consultant Agreement

After selecting the preferred proposal, the Town may conduct negotiations with the Consultant to arrive at the best final offer.  Parties shall enter into a contract for professional services with the Town.  A Notice to Proceed will then be subsequently issued.
Publication Date/Time:
11/25/2020 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
12/22/2020 3:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Wellington Town Hall ATTN: Liz Young Winne, Town Planner 3735 Cleveland Avenue PO Box 127 Wellington
Pre-bid Meeting:
Contact Person:
Wellington Town Hall
ATTN: Liz Young Winne, Town Planner
3735 Cleveland Avenue
PO Box 127
Wellington, Colorado, 80549
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