Late Registration Policy

Wellington Parks and Recreation always welcomes late registration when possible. We want every person who can participate in our programs to do so. Once the registration period ends, our staff begins doing the background work to have the most successful season possible and create a positive experience for our participants. Because of this, we have a separate policy for those who register for our programs late. Please see details below, but we will not accept special requests for late registrations. Since we begin creating teams and the season schedule the moment registration ends, requests become more difficult and cannot be made. Additionally, you will have to contact the rec department directly to get registered.

Special Requests:

  • Special requests after the registration period are not accepted.
    1. Late registrations will be placed on the teams that need the most help.
      • In the event multiple teams need the same amount of people, we may be able to choose between those teams, but this situation is rare.
    2. At no point in time should a coach promise you a spot on their team.
    3. If you wish to have a special request considered, please register before the registration deadline.


  • Fees will be the same price if the league still has 75% of the games remaining
  • If the league has less than 75% of the games remaining, but more than 50%, the price will decrease to 90%.
  • If the league has less than 50% of the games remaining, the price will decrease to 75%.
  • No other discounts will be given for late registration.

How to Register:

  • Late registration cannot be done online.
  • You must call or come into the office to register. If you call to register, you must pay by credit card over the phone. If you want to pay with cash or check, you must come into the office located at 8225 Third St.

If you have any questions, please contact our staff at (970) 568-7410 or email us at