Batting Cages


Facility Location

  • Batting Cages
    8990 Buffalo Creek Parkway
    Wellington, CO 80549
  • Phone: 970-568-7410

Weather Policy


The Batting Cages at Wellington Recreation will not open unless the temperature is above 50 degrees and all equipment is dry.

  1. Batting Cage Fees
  2. Rentals: during business hours
  3. Rentals: After Hours
  4. Customer Speed w/ Rental
Use Fees
  • $2.00 per token (good for 15 pitches)
  • $10 for six tokens (good for 90 pitches)
  • We only accept cash and checks. No bills over $20.

 Seasonal Hours of Operation

Dates Weekday Hours
Weekend Hours
Th, F, Sat